The New Dawn


Time period of Osho's original talks/writings
Jun 18, 1987 to Jul 4, 1987

Number of discourses/chapters33  
Year of publication : 1989Publisher : The Rebel Publishing House, Germany
Number of pages :  410
Edition notes : First editionSize : 216 x 195 x 36 mm
A many-faceted series of discourses in which Osho dismantles a variety of questions from disciples. One asks: With the imminent possibility of global suicide isn't it a paradox that all we can do is to sit silently? Another worries about the misuse of genetic science, and a third isn't sure how to cope with the stress of living in the world. There are also many questions straight from the heart: about feelings of unworthiness; how to transform feelings of loneliness to a joy in aloneness, and what we can learn from love. Osho's responses are applicable to everyone, everywhere, who is seeking to understand and to evolve.


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