Light on the Path: Talks in the Himalayas

This discourse series was originally part of The Rajneesh Bible, but was never published under that name.
Chapter 34 is the last question of an interview with Maneesha in Kathmandu, Nepal on 1986-02-08. The first part (first 6 questions) of that interview has been called The Last Testament (Vol 6) #4.
Time period of Osho's original talks/writings
Dec 3, 1985 to Feb 13, 1986

Number of discourses/chapters38  
Year of publication : 1988.10Publisher : The Rebel Publishing House, Germany
Number of pages :  393
Edition notes : First editionSize : 215 x 193 x 34 mm
These first talks after Osho's departure from the US provide a rare glimpse, during his movement's most uncertain times, of his efforts to create a New Man. From his suite in a hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal, Osho speaks extensively on the connection between gnosticism and anarchy, the significance of a buddhafield, and the future of his communes worldwide. He revisits old questions in light of new times, as well, including the function of a spiritual master, the work of his sannyasin therapists, and the psychology of the buddhas as applied to inner growth.


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